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With Positive Attitude YOU bring it!

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Here's the secret: Passion and enthusiasm boost your energy without any doubt. Exercise boosts positive energy and keeps your energy levels high.
Start your day with a smile and keep that smile. The magic a simple smile produces is amazing.  It improves your mood and it is contagious which means it not only brings magic to your day but to everyone around you.
In everything you do think ATTITUDE first. Not just attitude but ACE of ATTITUDE. Think of the attitude you are projecting to those around you at all times.  If you can master this, your body language will be positive, your confidence rises, your actions become positive and you can expect a positive outcome.
Stay away from energy drainers. Don't allow them to drain your positive energy. Remember just as a positive attitude is contagious, so is a negative attitude. Avoid being caught up in their negative attitudes.
Surround yourself with positive, likeminded people. Individuals that will uplift and support you. People who believe in possibilities and with the attitude to choose to see the magic rather than the tragic in every situation.
Make some time for introspection. Think of what you achieve every day, whether it be having a pleasant conversation, completing a task, a successful business meeting, spending quality time with loved ones or simply making someone smile. There's a million thinks no matter how small that you do that makes a difference, that bit of magic you bring into others lives and in your own. These thoughts quickly turn into gratitude which is a powerful bursting positive feeling.
"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." - Oprah Winfrey

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The terrible truth about TIME

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Here's the secret: Time is a NON-RENEWABLE resource. 
Once it's used up, you can't get it back.

Time spent on what matters most is NEVER wasted time. 
Make the BEST of your time!

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This is not an option, IT'S A NECESSITY!

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Vergeet "Kul jou hier, kul jou daar",  "Abracadabra",
"Sim Sala Bim". Forget "Hocus Pocus". The magic words are FOCUS on your INTENTIONS and ATTITUDE first! Your personal as well as business attitude is the master key to succeed in this incredible, magical life. I have said it a million times and as long as I live I will say it may be another million times more. Everything starts with intentions and attitude. Your end result is determined by the attitude you've started off with. What was your intention at the very beginning of a task, a sale, a new business venture? To FAIL! No, I don't think so.

Here's the secret: Your intentions combined with the right attitude equals magic, success and will bring a win for you. BIG TIME!

Oh! Did I mention that the end result of anything is determined by the intentions and attitude of a person or company at the very beginning of every venture? It's never too late to develop or improve your attitude towards a positive outcome. It's also vital to keep maintaining that positive attitude no matter what. It all starts with focusing on positive attitude and that's the magic words. Intentions and Attitude is everything! It's your ACE in life!

What are your intentions?
How is your attitude?
How is your business attitude?
How are the attitudes of your employees toward the business?

Are your employees on the same page as you the owner, management, leader when it comes to the success and triumph of the company? Do you all have the same intention and outcome in mind?

The important skills development and training processes of a person or business must start with the right intention and positive attitude and that's the bottom line. All the actions to follow will be based on the foundation of intention and attitude.

I do hope this post shifts your mind to another direction when it comes to the positive outcome you intent to have in everything you do. Enjoy the magic of FOCUS, INTENTIONS and ATTITUDE.
"Amazing things will happen when the actions you take is based on the right intention and attitude."

Life is Magical...Embrace it and Love it!


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Here's the secret to a GREAT LIFE

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A GREAT Attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a GREAT LIFE! Life IS Magical...Embrace IT and Love IT!

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What matters is ATTITUDE!

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Here's the secret:
The size of the problem doesn't matter.
What matters is your ATTITUDE!

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Question: Jacques, describe your typical day?

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A: I must start off by saying that I’m lucky because I’m a morning person. I get up at 4:50 am and BOOM, ready to go. I love a good work-out as it produces energy for my body and soul. After having three major spinal operations I’m a little limited with the choice of exercise.

In the morning I skip the caffeine and immediately hit the road for a fresh 8 km brisk walk. There after spinning for about 30 - 60 minutes to build up a sweat. Every second day I incorporate cardio exercises with weights and exercise ball into my exercise program.
I LOVE my exercise time in the mornings because it stimulates my creative thinking and helps me charge my batteries. It’s truly magical how ideas simply POP up and creativity flows. This is why I always keep my voice recorder with me.
I shower and get dressed.

Between 7 and 8 in the mornings I write down and edit all my recorded ideas and thoughts. Then enjoy a cup of coffee with my wife. Some quiet time (reading time) follows for no less than 30 minutes.

Between 8 and 9, I scan through the news headlines on my IPad. I don’t spend a lot of time reading the news as it is always a repeat of the same topics only on different days. But I have to keep up with what is going on in the world and more importantly recognize opportunities. I check my incoming emails and respond.

After having breakfast, I address administrative work and prepare for the day ahead.
From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm I focus on achieving my key business activities. This involves meetings with current and potential clients, delivering teamwork workshops, keynote sales presentations, attitude presentations, company attitude audits or magic entertainment.
As most self-employed people I simply eat something on the go for lunch.

From 6:00 to 6:30 pm I list my ‘to do’ items for the next day and make sure it corresponds with the execution necessary to achieve my strategic goals.
When my wife returns from work we spend quality time together. We prepare food together and clean up afterwards. This is our valuable communication time. We are not couch potatoes so we either have a quiet evening together or visit with family and friends. Before going to bed I get my exercise gear ready for the next morning.

Here’s my secret: When you have fun and magic in what you do, all your days become the same, their holidays. Life IS Magical...Embrace it and Love it!

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