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Think Before you Respond…Be Responsible

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It was an early Monday morning in the business lounge at the airport. Everyone was minding their own business. Some reading the newspaper; others were on their iPads or Smartphones. I was preparing the final touches for my seminar later that day. Then the announcement came no one wants to hear especially when you run on a tight schedule. The flight was DELAYED with about 40 minutes. The gentleman next to me immediately became furious and began complaining. Every third word was BLUE MONDAY and incompetent airline. He really threw his toys out of the cot and didn’t even consider lowering his voice while the rest of us tried rescheduling our day. My only BIG concern was that I might end up next to this gentleman on the plain. Luckily for me I didn’t.
Here’s the secret: How you respond to any situation is totally in your control.
You decide to respond in either a positive or negative way to just about anything.
The truth is being professional or unprofessional is a choice that you make when you respond to a situation. Responding in a defensive way or in a way that shows flexibility is a choice. It is all in your mind.
If you develop an attitude where your personal value is always to be positive and professional, then you won’t find yourself in negative territory very often with negative responses.  Think before you respond. Be accommodating and assertive in your response.
Be responsible and pick the right “response”. You are in the driver’s seat – show others what “response-ability” looks like.

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