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Tomorrow is an illusion, TODAY is reality

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My philosophy if you don't know it is that Life IS Magical! Don't get it wrong to think this is magician's talk or refers to entertainment. My philosophy is all about life and every breath you take. It's about your attitude towards the world. It's about you in your personal and professional world. It's about you living it TODAY!

Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Life, YOUR life is far too precious to put off for tomorrow.

YES! Maybe tomorrow will be less stressful, more peaceful...
Maybe tomorrow the new stock will arrive that was ordered…
Maybe it's better to reschedule the meeting for next week…
Maybe we'll do training later in the year…
Yes! And maybe tomorrow the weather will be just fine…
Maybe, Maybe... OR maybe not!

REALITY check - You are here today! Today is the only reality there is and there's NO MAYBE in that.

Live your life to the fullest today, NOW!

Here's the secret: Do whatever there is to do today. Whether it is the things or tasks you love or those you don't do it today. Today IS the only reality and magic that exists. The bottom line is that tomorrow… is but an illusion. Today is your reality.

Life Is Magical TODAY! Love It and Embrace It!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. You are welcome to send me your comments and share this post with your contacts. Have fun and enjoy the magic of your day.



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